Giza International Padel Court Construction Case

Customer Name: Nile International Padel Association
Project Location: Giza, Egypt

The Nile Padel Association is one of the most popular and respected padel associations in Egypt, mainly hosting national padel matches and daily padel club leagues. The increasing demand for padel matches has posed a huge challenge to the existing Nile Padel Association venue. In order to better serve padel matches and allow more padel fans to get professional padel training effects, the club invited our company to design the padel stadium scheme.

As a professional padel court manufacturer and solution provider, we are honored to cooperate with the Nile Padel Association to provide them with a full range of products and services to ensure the smooth completion of the project. During the design and construction process of the entire padel stadium project, we gave full play to our professional expertise, provided professional design ideas and comprehensive on-site construction management.

Giza International Padel Court Construction Case

planning and design

Our team engaged in in-depth discussions with the Nile Padel Association’s management to develop a comprehensive planning and design proposal. Combined with the dry and high temperature geographical and climatic conditions in Egypt, our design team recommended a fully transparent padel court design scheme, which was unanimously approved by the other party. Our experts have carried out careful assessment and planning of the construction project on factors such as site size, lawn quality, facility requirements, lighting system, auditorium and safety measures, and reached a consensus with the client.

product and service

Site measurement and evaluation: Our professional team has carried out detailed measurement and evaluation of the site of the Giza International Padel Court, including the perennial temperature and rainfall of the padel field, to ensure the best layout and pitch design.

Design and planning: Based on the client’s needs and site characteristics, we designed a set of modern padel ground planning, including lawn layout, peripheral facilities, changing rooms, auditoriums and parking lots, etc. It is worth mentioning that the client did not consider the parking lot and other ancillary facilities in the design plan at first. Our professional team explained the forward-looking of the project and the future development trend of padel , and finally the client agreed to build a new parking lot As an auxiliary supporting facility for the entire padel court construction project.

Equipment selection and customization: According to the requirements of the padel court, we provide customers with a full set of professional padel field equipment, including lawn equipment, nets, pitching machines, scoreboards, hardened protective glass, etc., and customize according to actual needs. Our company happens to be able to independently produce most of the main equipment of the padel field, and provide customers with a full set of padel field related equipment through centralized procurement.

Building and construction

As a key sports construction project in Giza City, the entire padel stadium construction project has received high official support. The leaders of the municipal government and the person in charge of the Sports Bureau attended the groundbreaking ceremony of our project. The professionalism displayed by our team has been highly praised by the leadership. State-of-the-art technology and equipment were used throughout the padel stadium construction process to ensure timely delivery of the padel stadium project. The construction team is a local construction team in Giza City. With the assistance of translators, our management staff communicated smoothly with them, which effectively accelerated the rapid progress of the entire padel stadium under the high-standard construction requirements.

Civil engineering and infrastructure construction: Our professional team is responsible for the civil engineering design and planning of the entire padel ground, including leveling the field, building infrastructure such as drainage systems, roads and car parks. The specific construction process is in charge of the local construction team in Giza City. We supervise the entire process of the construction process and urge rectification of projects that do not meet the construction standards.

Lawn laying and maintenance: The lawn of the padel court adopts two parts: semi-simulation lawn and all-natural lawn. The simulated turf is customized by us in China according to the actual needs of the padel court , and then shipped to Giza City for laying. All natural turf is sourced locally and we have strict turf care standards in place.

Equipment installation and commissioning: We are responsible for all the installation and commissioning of the padel court equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. For some special equipment and project facilities, we have specially carried out professional training courses for the logistics maintenance personnel of the Nile Padel Association to ensure that the logistics maintenance personnel of the padel ground can operate and maintain the equipment proficiently.

Project Management and Maintenance

Our professional padel court  technical team continues to provide management and maintenance services for the entire project after construction is completed and before it is fully delivered to ensure that the padel field can be operated and maintained for a long time after our technical support team leaves.

Project management and coordination: We dispatch professional project managers to coordinate and manage the entire padel stadium construction process, and maintain close cooperation with customers, suppliers and contractors to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

Regular maintenance and maintenance: We provide regular maintenance and maintenance services, including lawn mowing, equipment inspection, lighting maintenance and safety inspection, etc., to ensure that the padel ground is always in top condition.

Training and technical support: We provide customers with training and technical support, including equipment operation training, turf management guidance and troubleshooting, etc., to ensure that customers can make full use of and maintain padel ground facilities.

Project Delivery

With the joint efforts of our professional team, the client and the local Giza construction team, the Giza International Padel Stadium was successfully completed. High-level local government officials and those in charge of the sports department attended our project delivery ceremony again. They fully affirmed our professional skills and efficient use of speed throughout the cricket stadium construction project. The Nile Padel Association now has a modern, high quality padel ground capable of attracting more fans, players and sponsors and delivering an exceptional padel ing experience.


As a padel stadium equipment manufacturer and solution provider, we have provided the Nile Padel Association with a full range of products and services, from planning and design to construction and maintenance, ensuring the successful implementation of the Giza International Padel Stadium construction project. We take great pride in delivering high quality solutions to our clients and creating exceptional padel grounds for them. We have the ability to provide padel stadium project construction consultation and all professional equipment and auxiliary facilities required in the project construction process for customers all over the world. In the future, we will further develop the global padel field construction business and contribute our strength to the global promotion of padel.

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