Guangzhou Baili Padel Court Construction Project

Project Name: Guangzhou Baili Cricket Stadium Construction Project
Project location: Guangzhou, China

In the vibrant city of Shenzhen, China, we are proud to present a remarkable project that showcases our expertise as a leading supplier of construction materials for cricket pitches. Join us for an in-depth look at every intricate detail and fascinating journey of the Shenzhen Cricket Club cricket ground construction project.

Guangzhou Baili Padel Court Construction Project

Welcome to the Guangzhou Baili Cricket Stadium Construction Project! As a professional supplier of cricket field construction materials, we are proud to provide one-stop all products, all-round services and professional installation guidance. Whether you are a beginner or a professional team, we will provide you with a one-stop solution that makes it easy for you to create the perfect cricket pitch. Let us explore the wonderful details and amazing journey of the Guangzhou Baili Cricket Stadium construction project.

Guangzhou Baili Cricket Ground is one of the high-profile cricket grounds in the area, and they aspire to build a world-class cricket ground. We work hand in hand with Guangzhou Baili Cricket Stadium to provide them with a wealth of product components and professional services.

Design and Consulting Services

At the beginning of the cooperation, our account manager and design expert team worked closely with the management and technical personnel of the cricket field, conducted comprehensive discussions, listened to each other’s needs in detail, and jointly formulated a unique and suitable cricket field design plan. We meticulously planned every detail, including pitch layout, turf configuration, boundary system and lighting arrangements, taking into account site characteristics and course preferences.

During the design process, we encountered various challenges and difficulties. Guangzhou City is located in the south of China, and factors such as terrain, climatic conditions and legal requirements require us to accurately grasp it. With our rich experience and professional knowledge, we successfully presented the perfect design proposal for Guangzhou Baili Cricket Stadium.

Stadium fence system

We manufacture boundary fences and bases using high-strength materials to ensure their durability and wind resistance. The glass is made of 6+6 tempered laminated glass fence, its strength is not only much higher than that of ordinary 12mm glass, but also its safety factor is higher than that of 12mm tempered glass. First of all, its strength is very high and it is not easy to break, even if Broken he will also stick firmly to the fence and won’t fall off. Of course, this adds a small amount to the cost, but it’s well worth it. For the columns and beams, due to the very humid local climate, we hot-dip galvanized the surface of the metal material to make the surface more corrosion-resistant and less likely to rust. We can even guarantee that the metal material will not rust after 10 years of use.

Artificial Turf System

Good turf has good elasticity, which not only provides comfort for players’ running and bouncing, but also can cushion the impact of falling, so it is very important to choose a high-quality cricket field turf. We provide high-quality artificial turf systems to ensure the smooth running of the game and the best performance of the players. We select advanced artificial turf materials, which have excellent physical properties such as excellent elasticity, durability and comfort, and the drainage layer, support layer, buffer layer, etc. have distinct layers. Moreover, the lawn materials we choose have the advantages of wear resistance, aging resistance, UV resistance, and not easy to fade. The lawn has high density, good elasticity, and good drainage. Our skilled installers take care to lay the turf, ensuring the pitch is level and firmly bonded to the ground, creating the ideal cricket ground.

Lighting system

In Guangzhou Baili Cricket Stadium, we provided an advanced lighting system to ensure that the game can be fully illuminated at any time. We choose energy-efficient LED lamps and arrange them reasonably to provide uniform and sufficient light. Our lighting scheme has been accurately calculated and tested to ensure the visibility and lighting quality of the stadium, creating a perfect game environment for players and spectators.

Installation guidance and after-sales service

As a one-stop supplier, we not only provide a full set of cricket field construction materials, but also provide detailed installation guidance and professional after-sales service. We provided full support for Guangzhou Baili Cricket Stadium to ensure the smooth progress of the installation process. Whether it is foundation preparation, artificial turf laying, boundary system installation or lighting commissioning, our professional team always works closely with them to provide accurate guidance and technical support.

Setbacks and successes

In the construction project of Guangzhou Baili Cricket Stadium, we also encountered some setbacks and unexpected situations. For example, the sudden rain on the construction site brought some difficulties to the construction, but we quickly took corresponding measures to protect the construction progress and material quality. Also, during the artificial turf laying process, we encountered certain technical difficulties, but our team put all their efforts and overcame them with professional solutions and creativity. In the end, the Guangzhou Baili Cricket Stadium was successfully completed and was highly appreciated and recognized by customers.


The Guangzhou Baili Cricket Stadium construction project is a model of our successful cooperation. Through our expertise, quality products and full service, we help our clients realize their dream of building a world-class cricket stadium. Whatever the size of your project, we are committed to delivering the best possible solution and working hand in hand with you to create an unforgettable cricket ground experience.
If you also dream of owning a perfect cricket ground, please contact us, we will wholeheartedly provide you with the best quality products, services and support to make your dream a reality. Let’s start a new chapter of cricket stadium construction together!

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