Padel Court construction in Helsinki, Finland

In the charming city of Helsinki, Finland, we are proud to present a striking cricket stadium construction project. As a professional supplier of cricket grounds, we are committed to providing customers with one-stop solutions, including all products, services and installation guidance, to meet their cricket ground construction needs.

Now, let’s walk into the cricket ground of Helsinki Cricket Club and explore the details and highlights together.

Padel Court construction in Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki Cricket Club, one of the most watched cricket clubs in Finland, has the dream of realizing a world-class cricket stadium. We worked closely with them to create this exciting project, providing them with the full product composition and professional services.

Design and Consulting Services: The collaboration with Helsinki Cricket Club started from the initial design phase. We work closely with their management team and technical staff to fully understand their needs, expectations and, of course, budget. Through in-depth communication and detailed design discussions, we jointly developed a unique and compliant cricket pitch scheme. Our design team conducted comprehensive planning according to site characteristics and customer requirements, including site layout, lawn configuration, fencing system and lighting equipment, etc.

During the design process, we encountered some challenges and difficulties. Factors such as site topography, climatic conditions and local regulatory requirements require us to accurately grasp to ensure the feasibility and best effect of the design scheme. Using our rich experience and professional knowledge, our design team overcame these difficulties and provided a perfect design scheme for Helsinki Cricket Club.

Artificial Turf System: In the construction of the cricket pitch at Helsinki Cricket Club, we provided high quality artificial turf system to ensure the smooth running of the pitch and the good performance of the players. We have selected artificial turf materials that are suitable for the Finnish climate and geographical location, and provide excellent elasticity, durability and comfort in cold weather. During the production process, we use precise measuring and cutting technology to ensure that each piece of turf fits perfectly with the ground of the court, and the ground is closely connected to create an ideal cricket ground.

Seine System and Boundary Marking: We offer a full range of fencing systems to ensure safe play and clear boundaries. The fence adopts durable tempered glass fence, anti-corrosion surface treatment fence to cope with the erosion of coastal air; high-strength columns, strong beams, all materials have excellent wind resistance and corrosion resistance. We installed professional fence brackets around the entire edge of the field to ensure that the ball will not fly out of the boundary. Moreover, the panoramic design is adopted, so that the audience can have a good view when the stadium is holding a game. In addition, we also provide clear and clear boundary markings so that players and referees can accurately judge during the game.

Lighting equipment: In order to meet the needs of Helsinki Cricket Club for holding night games, we designed and installed advanced lighting equipment for them. Cricket moves fast and requires high illumination. We choose high-brightness, high-efficiency lighting fixtures and install them at appropriate positions on the field to ensure that the entire field is evenly illuminated without shadows or glare. In this way, whether it is day or night, players and spectators can enjoy a high-quality game experience.

Lighting is an important part of stadium design. It not only needs to meet the requirements of athletes for games and spectators, but also meets the requirements of color temperature, illuminance, and illuminance uniformity for live TV broadcasting. This requirement is far more than that of athletes and spectators. to be tall. Especially for outdoor courts, the light distribution of lamps is an important factor.

The characteristics of outdoor courts: large space, high pole installation, long lighting distance, to achieve good uniformity, the small angle light distribution of lamps is especially important. The lighting of the cricket field adopts outdoor LED floodlights. The lamps are light and equipped with adjustable mounting brackets; through gradual improvement, the luminous efficiency of the lamps and the effective utilization of light are greatly improved, and the unique anti-glare device can provide players with a comfortable environment. And compared with traditional lamps, it can save energy by 60%-70%.

In addition to providing the above product components, we also promise to provide customers with a series of accessories and materials required for installation, ensuring that they can easily purchase everything they need. From screws, washers, glue to tools and installation equipment, we provide a one-stop procurement solution, allowing customers to easily complete the installation of cricket grounds without having to worry about finding various parts.

During the construction process, we faced some challenges and twists and turns. The weather conditions are unstable and logistics transportation is restricted, but our professional team always maintains flexibility and professionalism to respond and solve problems in a timely manner. Our engineers and technicians have extensive experience and can quickly respond to various situations to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

After the joint efforts and collaboration of the team, Helsinki Cricket Club finally ushered in their dream cricket ground. Now, when you set foot on this beautiful grounds, you will be overwhelmed by its grandeur and perfection. High-quality artificial turf, solid fence system, bright lighting equipment, every detail reflects our pursuit of quality and attention to customer satisfaction.
We are proud to have partnered with Helsinki Cricket Club on this exciting project. We are not just a supplier, but their partner. We will continue to provide our customers with a full range of support and services in order to realize their dream cricket ground. If you also have the needs of cricket field construction, whether it is a beginner or a professional team, let us work together to build a perfect cricket field! Get in touch, we look forward to working with you on your next exciting cricket stadium construction project!

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