Walton Padel Court installation case

Client Name: Walton Padel Court  Club
Project Location: Orange, Australia

Walton Cricket Club is one of the most popular cricket clubs in Orange, Australia, committed to providing high quality cricket and opportunities to develop young cricketers. Due to the club’s continued growth and development, they decided to undertake a comprehensive cricket ground construction project to enhance the cricket setting and provide a better cricket experience.

As a professional cricket field supplier, Sanjing is honored to participate in the cooperation of this project throughout. We provided Walton Cricket Club with a full range of cricket equipment and professional services to ensure the smooth completion of this project.

Walton Padel Court installation case

Project Phase 1: Planning and Design

After our professional technical team arrived in Orange City, they first had an in-depth communication with the management staff of Walton Cricket Club. After understanding all the needs of the other party, with the advice of senior technical experts, we designed a plan for Walton Cricket Club and formulated a comprehensive cricket field construction and maintenance plan. Our technical team and the management staff of the Walton Club conducted a careful survey of the construction site, and finally reached an agreement on the size of the court, site selection, hardening of the court ground, protective glass, drainage system, lighting facilities and other construction details .

Selection of cricket ground

Considering that this project is not located in the original venue of the Walton Club, our professional team and the management staff of the Walton Cricket Club conducted an in-depth and comprehensive investigation of multiple potential venues. The final cricket ground was selected following a comprehensive assessment of environmental data from multiple venues.

Design and Planning of Cricket Fields

Based on the client’s needs and site characteristics, we designed a complete set of design and construction plans for the Walton Cricket Ground, including the size of the cricket ground, the layout of peripheral facilities and auxiliary equipment.

Hardening and leveling of cricket pitches

A high-quality cricket ground is inseparable from a high-quality hardened ground. In order to ensure that the hardened ground of the entire cricket ground can remain flat and firm for high-intensity cricket matches, our professional technical team has designed 3 schemes for the field hardening, and communicated with the local construction team in Orange City to ensure the scheme practicable.

Project Phase 2: Construction and Construction of the Cricket Stadium

After obtaining construction consent from the municipal building planning section of Orange, we began the full construction and construction phase of the entire cricket ground. Our design and construction management team adopted the most advanced technology and equipment for cricket field construction, ensured the daily progress of the project, and completed the overall delivery of the project before the time limit agreed in the contract.

Customization of tempered glass

The perimeter of the cricket field uses strong crack-resistant tempered laminated glass as a protective wall to prevent the high-speed flight of cricket from hitting the audience. The fully transparent viewing effect allows the audience in the seats around the cricket ground to obtain an immersive viewing experience in all directions without dead ends. According to the specific needs of the project, we specially customized tempered glass of specific size and specification, and successfully completed the installation and reinforcement work.

Customization of Lighting System

In order to meet the needs of night games and training, we designed and customized an advanced lighting system to ensure sufficient lighting for the entire cricket field at night. Our design team cleverly combined the lighting columns and the fence columns of the cricket field to reduce the equipment cost of the entire cricket field while providing strong protection.

Installation of other auxiliary facilities and supporting equipment

In addition to the hardened ground, tempered glass protective fence and fully automatic lighting system, the cricket field also needs to match some auxiliary facilities and supporting equipment. Such as blocks in the middle of the cricket field, scoreboards, artificial turf and so on. We uniformly purchased these supporting facilities for the Walton Club and carried out installation and delivery.

Project Phase 3: Cricket Stadium Delivery

With the joint efforts of our professional team and the local construction team in Orange, we completed the entire project delivery of the entire cricket ground ahead of schedule. All middle and senior managers of Walton Cricket Club participated in the testing and acceptance work, and highly affirmed our hard work and praised our rigorous and pragmatic attitude throughout the project.


As a provider of cricket stadium equipment, we have provided Walton Cricket Club with a full range of products and services. From the design and planning of the project to the customized installation of the main facilities and the delivery of supporting facilities, the one-stop cricket field solution allows customers to have a clearer understanding of our strength. We are honored to be able to provide high-quality cricket field solutions to our customers, and Walton Cricket Club has also highly recognized our work and ability. The good news is that the Walton Cricket Club has agreed to sign with us all new cricket ground plans for the next 5 years, thanks again to them!

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